Wedding Q & A [Thank you's]

For many brides, the people who are most important to them play multiple roles in the planning of their wedding.  From support to showers to Personal Assistant status for the whole ride, how do you say THANK YOU? Thank YouThe Question:  So this weekend is my bachelorette party, which my sister is throwing. I have never been to one and certainly never had one, so I am not sure if there is anything that I need to be doing? My sister is also throwing my bridal shower in June, so is it appropriate for me to get her a thank you gift for both or either or neither? She hasn't ever thrown either types of parties before for anyone, but I don't want to come across as ungrateful.

Keep in mind that she is my MOH as well, so do I just give her a really good gift before the wedding?

The Answer:  As the guest of honor at both parties, the only thing you should be expected to do is provide the guest list.  Having said that, you are welcome to offer assistance, but a gracious host will usually decline.  You can also offer up to her the names and numbers of any bridal party members that have offered assistance to you in the past.  That way your sister can have some help without putting any of the work load on you!  You are, after-all, busy planning a wedding! =)

The way in which you express your thanks is entirely up to you.  A thank you note is absolutely acceptable, but a small gift as a token of your appreciation is always a nice gesture.  Etiquette tells us that a thank you note should be sent immediately after each event, but that can seem like impersonal repetition since she is your sister.  A small gift, as simple as a spa basket or a framed photo of the two of you from one of the events, delivered after both events, but before the rehearsal will surely bring a smile to her face!  You can then still include her with the gifts already arranged for the bridal party! Gratitude is always a welcomed greeting!


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