Wedding Do's we LOVE

We at Events by M and M are always on the lookout for cutting edge and classic looks for your wedding day. Today's big find? Great hairstyles that embrace tradition..... With a twist! Our pick of the Day: Braided Hair Flower

We're sure you can guess why. First, have you ever seen anything like it? Second, it doesn't need anything! The style does itself. If you were trying to avoid a tiara, a veil, or a flower but still wanted stand-out hair, this is it.

Next, we have Hilary Duff's gorgeous wedding updo. We love how the veil just tucks in underneath the high bun. There's almost a posh, yet ethereal look to it. It also makes her face look narrower and longer, so if this is what you're looking for, consider this wedding do.

Hair_Hilary Duff

This next one is from the sultry Jessica Alba. It's not her wedding do, but it easily could have been. It's pulled pack out of her face with two little braids, which really show off her highlights. It doesn't look too stiff, but it'll definitely stay out of your face when the wind picks up or as you're dancing the night away.

Hair_Jessica Alba

Looking for something a little more classic? Maybe your wedding is an elegant, evening setting and you need the perfect style to compliment your dress. Try this look from Rihanna. The red lipstick, long lashes, and drop earrings are finishing touches to her glamorous style.


Is your hair short and you just can't figure out what to do without getting extensions? The next two ideas are for you!

Throw in a pretty headband, give it some volume in the back, and you're all set! It's cute, chic, and you can show off those great shoulders you've been working so hard on!


Instead of the volume in the back of the head, put it in the front and stick a big flower on the side, or really any size flower will do! From the front, you almost think she has an updo going on. She is rockin' her short hair, proving that brides come with all different hairstyles!

hair_Short with flower

However you decide to do your hair, make sure you do at least one trial run with ANY tiaras, flowers, pins, etc. that you plan on using. You don't want any surprises on your big day!