DIY Weddings

Do-It-Yourself Weddings are not only cost effective, but super fun!  And all it takes is a little inspiration and usually some glue!  One of my brides was looking for a shabby chic garden theme, but was having her reception indoors in a less than shabby chic venue, so she wanted to balance the two without losing the theme's personality.  We came up with some really fun ideas! We started with an assignment board.  If you use your imagination, you can use almost any square or rectangular surface as your backing.  I've even seen old fashioned wood shutters with rows of escort cards placed on every few panels...... but for this, we found a beautiful, shabby chic frame for $15 at a local thrift store.  When it comes to one of a kind items, don't be afraid to look at your local thrift shops (in fact I recommend it).  We removed the glass and covered the cardboard panel with our fabric color of choice.  From there we added the ribbon, which is secured in the back and hung the table assignments with small clothespins.  This could truly be done in any color combination or style to match your theme.

Next, we decided to create something special for the tables.  In addition to regular votives, we created these one of a kind votive pails.  We used them as accent pieces on the table, but you could use them as favors for your guests to take home.  Again, something that can be done in any color.  Once you have your pails, all you need is Raffia Ribbon, Paper Flowers, Sand, Votives and a glue gun.  Meg's tip: Stuff white paper around the votives before adding the sand.  You'll use less sand this way!

And here's a front shot of the finished product!!

Inspiration is the only thing you need for creation (and glue).  If you can envision it, you can create it.  Break any idea down into small steps and start building the reality, in reality!!  Good luck and have fun!