Planning a Grand Exit?

Who doesn't love a grand exit?  Just adding the word "Grand" can make most anything more elite!  A staircase, a piano, a ballroom - even a parent! So which parts of a wedding are dramatic enough to be given the title, "GRAND"? 

You've just married the love of your life and the party is ready to begin - a Grand Entrance is a must!  So after celebrating with your best friends and family, but before jet-setting into Happily Ever After, why not exit in a GRAND way?  You guessed it!  A Grand Exit!  As wedding season is quickly approaching we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to say goodbye to loved ones and hello to married life.

A couple of things to keep in mind when planning your Grand Exit:
- Your venue may have certain restrictions and limitations on what you can/cannot use, so be sure to check with them before committing to plans and making final purchases!
- If you want to capture this elaborate moment, it may require additional hours on your photography package to keep them until the end - and before you nix those getting ready photos, know that most of our brides truly treasure those early day captures!

Without any further ado, here are our fav's!

A Sparkler Exit- 
We could go on and on for days on why we love a sparkler exit. Its grand, vibrant and looks absolutely magical in your wedding photos. Although, many venues will not allow you to do a sparkler grand exit due to fire hazards. Don't worry we have plenty of other grand ways to exit below.
Keep scrolling:) 


Rose Petals-
A rose petal toss as you twirl and and move your way to your getaway car is such a timeless tradition. It looks beautiful in photos and your grandkids to come will swoon we promise! 

Have your #1 cheerleaders cheer you on for the first time as husband and wife. This is one of our all time favorites and adds that amazing sparkle to your photos as well.  We recommend Metallic toned Poms for the best photo capture.

There's no better way then confetti to end the celebration of celebrations.  Toss confetti as you make your way down or have confetti blasters firing off - You can't go wrong with either option. 

Glowsticks OR Fiberoptics-
Wait till you see how your photos will glow! Guests can grab their favorite neon stick and light up the walkway to your new adventure.  


Ribbon Wand- 
Such a fun way to leave your wedding. While your nearest and dearest are waving their wedding wands at you wishing you both all the best in this world - consider adding bells for an added party sound!

A great favor as well as a way to say goodbye. If you are planning on having a daytime wedding we highly recommend doing these. It looks so great in the daylight. 

A balloon exit is such a fun and quirky way to say goodbye to your loved ones.  Who doesn't love being handed a balloon?  Your tipsy friends will thank you!


As you are planning your perfect way to leave your big day be sure to keep all of these modern and fun exits in mind. 

Love and Happy Weddings!