The Amazing Freedom Tower

I know that this post is a bit off base from our usual postings, but this just had to be shared! We just returned from New York City and I had to share the most amazing photo capture!  This is the Freedom Tower, standing high behind one of the amazing memorials for 9/11.  IF you haven't seen the memorial in person, it is an absolute must!  Absolutely stunning with all the right elements to bring you back and leave you at peace.

My camera started freaking out and stopped taking pictures all together.  I was so focused on my camera that I saw no one around me.  Right after I took this picture, my camera decided that it could recover all the photos it "wasn't" taking, including this one.

Those figures are not statues.  I suppose that they were tourists that had simply vanished in the 4 seconds it took me to look up!

What I think is amazing is the way the couple was standing.  The figure on the left, resembles a Fireman and on the right, a grieving woman.  I don't know why the stars aligned for me to take this photo, but I do know that it had to be shared!  No Photoshop, editing or even color enhancements.  This is a totally raw photo!  Another beautiful and emotional puzzle piece of the constant recovery that forever ties us to our neighbors.

God Bless the souls we lost and the lives that remain who, as a country,  gained strength, courage and love when we needed it most!  Never Forget!

Love to you and yours this holiday season!

New York, 9/11