How To Pick Your Wedding Colors

We love a nice classic, neutral gold that sets the mood for a truly vintage inspired event!  So often, the color [gold, for instance] can be obtrusive and in your face [and if that's not what you're going for, it does not have a happy ending]!  Even the smallest change of shade can change your look dramatically [you totally get this if you've ever tried to pick a paint color for your bedroom], which is why we think it's so impressive when color and style hit the mark together!  But how do you make that happen?

So how do you pick a your wedding colors?  Believe it or not, it can be very similar to selecting that paint color... Start with swatches!  Swatches are great because they keep your color options in front of you AND right next to one another.  This will help you stay in a color tone/hue range.  Your swatches can be fabric, paper or even actual swatches from the paint section [just be careful with fabric because different materials can sneak other hues and colors into the mix].  Yes, we love Pinterest and they have great pictures of wonderful combinations, but that many pictures can be overwhelming [and may not be exactly your style].

NOTE:  If you already have a china pattern or specialty linen in mind, you will want to bring that into the color conversation early-on [we don't want it to feel left out!]


Find your color palette here on Design Seed's interactive website!

Since flower color can be hard to dictate, don't be afraid of incorporating colors that you weren't originally planning on!  Pull out your swatches and see how your options fit with the rest of your [carefully executed] selections!!

Have fun color shopping!!


Photo credit to Ashley McCormick. Swatch credit to Design Seed.  See the full style gallery on Style Me Pretty.